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Inlet Journey:  Your Deconstruction Guide
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Inlet Journey: Your Deconstruction Guide
Inlet Journey: Your Deconstruction guide to 7 Key Theological Topics, so that you can construct your own authentic and affirming faith

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I am Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, M Div, BS, CH, a life and trauma specialist for the LGBTQ+ community.  With over 35 years of experience, I have helped many folks with a variety of issues as they pursued their best life possible.

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9 Modules
Inlet Journey: Introduction



Create Your Calm-Guided Meditation

Inlet Journey-Topic 1 (Bible)

Topic 1-Notes

Topic 1-Video (Bible)

Inlet Journey-Topic 2 (Clobber Verses)

Topic 2-Notes

Topic 2-Video (Clobber Verses)

Inlet Journey-Topic 3 (God)

Topic 3-Notes

Topic 3-Video (God)

Inlet Journey-Topic 4 (Atonement/Salvation)

Topic 4-Notes

Topic 4-Video (Atonement)

Inlet Journey-Topic 5 (Church)

Topic 5-Video (Church)

Topic 5-Notes

Inlet Journey-Topic 6 (Lord's Supper)

Topic 6-Notes

Topic 6-Video (Lord's Supper)

Inlet Journey-Topic 7 (Baptism)

Topic 7-Notes

Topic 7-Video (Baptism)

Inlet Journey-Conclusion & Summary


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Inlet Journey
USD 49.0
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