Dr. J. Keith  Brown, D Min, M Div, BS, CH


"Helping You Heal Your Hurts & Move Your Mountains"


All Courses designed with YOU in mind.

Gain new knowledge and helpful tools to heal and grow.

How to Handle Conflict
USD 17.0
How to Handle Conflict
Self-Paced Digital Course
Wipeout Trauma
USD 97.0
Wipeout Trauma
Helping you heal your identity trauma and create your best life
Inlet Journey:  Your Deconstruction Guide
USD 49.0
Inlet Journey: Your Deconstruction Guide
Inlet Journey: Your Deconstruction guide to 7 Key Theological Topics, so that you can construct your own authentic and affirming faith
Selective Outage Method
USD 97.0
Selective Outage Method
Digital course for those who wish to selectively come out of the closet on their own terms.

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